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Sierra Vista Can Be the Best Place to Live!

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Closer Community

  • Establish better communications with the community -- learn what people want!

  • Work with the Police force to ensure they are adequately staffed and focused on community support

  • Review the number of building permits and ensure we do not overbuild our water sources

  • Establish a working committee that draws in the Education System and the Medical Support to improve those within our community

  • Ensure city’s 5 & 10-year plans reflect a continuous program of sidewalk & street repair

Reliable & Trustworthy Government

  • Verify Sierra Vista has a valid voter registration process and secure voting integrity

  • Ensure the community knows what city government is doing

  • Assess complaints and make positive changes to eliminate issues

  • Verify the actions of our city workers are accurate, legal and trustworthy

  • Provide updates on the direction of the city to the community

  • Give community more of a voice in government by establishing a “hotline” for ideas & actions

Economic Growth

  • Establish an economic commission of local businesses to help focus on issues that keep businesses from coming to Sierra Vista

  • Eliminate factors that inhibit businesses from coming to Sierra Vista

  • Establish good incentives for new businesses to come to Sierra Vista

  • Bring in two new businesses in the first year

  • Develop a plan in conjunction with businesses, for an apprentice program

  • Continue to improve the city’s amenities for the community

Video series by Steve Conroy, Candidate for City Mayor Sierra Vista Arizona
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