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Steve Conroy, Candidate for Mayor | Sierra Vista AZ

Family - My Story

You might be asking yourself just who is this fellow who would like to be our mayor?

You will discover that I am a retired military officer, a married man of 54 years to the same beautiful lady, the father of two boys and a girl, and the grandfather of three girls and one boy. I am relatively conservative, attend church regularly, and believe in our Constitution and the strength of this country. I am opposed to Critical Race Theory, Culturally Relevant Training, woke ideology, common core, and anything else that separated me from my neighbor. I believe God made each of us in His image and likeness, and beyond that, he made all different – different physiognomies, different mental abilities, different skill sets, and different personalities so that we all might enjoy each other AND our differences. Can you imagine us all being the same? I don’t know about you, but I would drive “myself” crazy!

Margie and I love our community, the clean air and water, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and our mountains. I did a lot of scuba diving, and it took some for me to get used to and fall in love with our mountains. They truly are a gift to our community.
We do our best to stay in shape. Margie and I enjoy hiking our mountains and we try to get out at least once a week. We also walk around our neighborhood often, which gives us some quiet time just to catch up with each other. We are both involved with Tai Chi, and Marge is very good at it.

Margie and I enjoy traveling and have been a bit cramped this past year by the Pandemic of Fear that crippled our country. We still managed to travel to Utah, Virginia, Minnesota, and Florida during that time. We do have to travel to see our children and grandchildren as they are both on the east coast, one in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and one in Tampa, Florida.

I have helped publish five books since coming to Sierra Vista. The first was the 25th Anniversary Book for the Cochise Cowboy Gathering, which covered our beginning, development, and growth. It included the names of all the artists who had performed, the volunteers who supported us, and all the students who previously had won the poetry contest.

The second book was in support of a clinic in Agua Prieta, called “The Wings of Angels.” Started as a 501(c)(3) organization by Dottie Watkins, the clinic is based out of a facility owned by Noemi Noriega Torres’ family. Once a month, medical staff (mostly nurses, nurse practitioners, and physical therapists go down to provide care to the very poor handicapped children and adults. Margie continues to go down with the team and monitors all the activities. The clinic gets shipments of used medical equipment, primarily wheelchairs and walkers, that can be distributed to people at no cost to them. It is truly a work of love. This is one operation where others can get involved to help with various projects.

The third book is a descriptive presentation on St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church. Many people had questions about the design, the ornamentation, and the statues found in the church and the book answers most of those questions. I also prepared and published a St Andrew parish photo album, with the help of two other photographers. And the last book is a book of my poetry and stories collected through the years, called “Discovering the Dawn.” I had started to write poetry in high school and when I got involved with the Cowboy Gathering and the school program, I started writing poetry again. I collected all my various works and put them together in this book.

I became intrigued with genealogy and, after collecting many birth, marriage, and death certificates, discovered the stories were more fascinating. Where did people come from and why did they move? How did they get into the occupations they had? How did they come by the religions they followed? Of course, lives are intertwined with history, and all that was very fascinating to me. Eventually, I plan to publish books on the four sides of our family.

I originally planned to run for the school board because I believe education is the foundation for our future societies and what we allow to be taught to our children will color their existence forever. However, I discovered several solid people were running for the school board, including Kale Kyabu and Donald Lee. So, I changed direction to run for Mayor. I believe we have good things going, and with the retirement of Rick Mueller, I thought it would be a good time for me to step into the arena. I encourage every citizen to get involved in their community one way or the other.

If you want fair elections, become a poll watcher. One day of training and one day of working and a lot of satisfaction.

Start a neighborhood clean-up team. Once a month, make a sweep of your neighborhood and pick up anything not growing or left there by nature. If you see it on the ground and it shouldn’t be there, pick it up. We have a great community, and each of us can make it better.

I look forward to seeing you around town and getting to know you.

I also ask for your vote November 8th. Together, we can shape Sierra Vista into a community we're proud to call home.

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Steve Conroy, Candidate for Mayor | Sierra Vista AZ


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