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Great Hiking in Sierra Vista!

Parker Canyon Lake Shore Trail #128 

Parker lake hike steve conroy.jpg

On Friday morning, April 29, 2022, around 8:30 a.m., Margie and I joined our friends Sorin and Mihaela for a hike around Parker Lake. It is about an hour's drive from Sierra Vista if you go through Fort Huachuca and about six miles from the Mexican border.

In 1966, The Arizona Game and Fish Department built a dam which eventually resulted in the formation of Parker Canyon Lake. Elevation at the lake is 5,392 feet. Parker Canyon Lake is a beautiful recreation area with good fishing as it has stocked rainbow trout, resident bass, sunfish, and catfish. The Forest Service maintains the recreational facilities, which include two campgrounds and a small general store. They have a very nice boat launch ramps, and you can also rent boats at the store.

Our objective on Friday was to hike the perimeter trail, a little over 5 miles, and stop about halfway for a picnic. The skies were a beautiful Arizona blue with no visible clouds, and the lake water was crystal clear with hardly a ripple. The temperature was very moderate and very little breeze. It was a perfect day for a hike. We started at the boat rental area and went around to the east. As we wound around the lake we saw a few birds, but the stillness in the air made me feel we were on retreat.

Sorin and I led the way and conversed most of the way around the lake. The ladies were slightly behind and their conversations seemed more lively and focused. They stopped several times for a longer, in-place discussion.
We stopped near an outlying building that had a picnic table nestled in under the pines. We had both brought goodies and we had a plethora of food and drink to satisfy the stomach and the soul. It was a great day to share time with friends.

We continued around the lake and marveled at the sharp drop-offs on both sides of the lake. This 130-acre lake has a spillway on the west side at 5,387 feet elevation, but the lake’s water level was probably down 10 to 12 feet. The trail is hard-packed earth and is well maintained. There are a few areas where you go through the rocks, but it is a fairly easy walk for everyone. 

Parker lake hike steve conroy 2.jpg
Parker lake hike steve conroy catus.jpg

We finished our hike and had a leisurely drive back through Fort Huachuca and home to Sierra Vista. I look forward to our next venture hiking Arizona. 

Happy Trails!

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