Q: Have you reached out to the community and if so, what relationships have you developed?

A: I have visited with a good number of folks in our community and visited businesses. I am open to discussions with everyone, and I have not limited my availability to anyone. I have had many people suggest things to me and I appreciate everyone's input.

I believe we need a paradigm shift in our community as well as every community in the country. We sometimes view ourselves as "the people" who have to deal with government. We are a community and as such, we need to care for each other.

The city government has a typical budget, and when they get an infusion of funds, they should consider returning some of that to the citizens through temporary tax reductions or reduced fees for use of public facilities. By the same token, the businesses should remember our average annual income in Sierra Vista is $59,585 with per capita income of $32,406 (2020 figures.) When inflation and other factors make the cost of living excessive, we create financial problems within the community. The financials impact everyone in the community.

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A: The city council including the position as Mayor is non-partisan. However, to provide clarity about who I am & how I think, I'm a Constitutional Conservative. 🤠