Q: How would you bring in new businesses & activity centers for kids to Sierra Vista?

A: I would recommend to the city we create a written process to aid new businesses get things done, from getting their business license to cutting the ribbon at their opening. In that vein, I would recommend the city assign an inspector to that new business to ensure consistency with the periodic inspections of new businesses. The city should assist with other inspectors (e.g., the county health inspector.) Wherever possible, the city can grant waivers for various fees and perhaps provide incentives for new businesses.

For children's activities, I believe we need to start with an open discussion with parents to determine what the children would utilize. Without support, anything we would set up or encourage a business to do would fail. A good example is the teen center. The city fixed it up based on student input and then the students did not use it.

It is time for us residents to help define what we would like for our children and young adults, and then see what the best approach is to "git 'er done!" 🤠

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