Q: Please describe your platform and the top 3 specific issues:

A: I would like to see more interaction between the community and city government. I know we have received an enormous influx of funding from the federal government and grants. The typical budget for Sierra Vista is $70-90 million annually. Last year (2021-2022,) the budget was almost $116 million. This year (2022-2023,) the budget is $204 million. We need to be aware that much of that will not be available in the future.


Provide adequate shelter, care, counseling and recovery for the homeless and mentally challenged in our community. The city can work with the homeless shelters and increase availability. We can work with the sheriff who is hiring 3 mental health professionals and 1 specialist-trained officer.

Establish a more comprehensive 5-year and 10-year plan for road repairs, curb and sidewalk repairs.

Promote a "Cleanest city in AZ" campaign called "Shine Sierra Vista." Start a marketing campaign to encourage all of our citizens to "pick it up" when they see trash on the ground.

Assess potential area of concern for the community: stagnant population growth, water availability for the future, new businesses with many employment opportunities for high-skilled and low-skilled workers.

Join with the county in extending the bike paths from the city to Ramsey Canyon Road.

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