Q: Tell us your thoughts on the City’s use of COVID federal funds and how you would prioritize uses?

A: For all discretionary funds, those with no caveats, I would focus on city cleanup. I would be looking at the infrastructure, repairing roads, sidewalks and curbs. I would repair any damaged facilities already in existence. I would look for ways to enhance our community and broadband is a great example. For grant monies, those usually come with a specific objective and have to be used for that. I would look at recycling and removing all hazardous materials from our landfills. The company currently working in town, Recyclops, is open to setting up a contract with the city.

I have heard people say we do not have a water problem, but I also hear that well are drying up in Hereford. I plan to look at the water situation for both the city and our whole community. It is necessary to understand what is happening in Hereford and Huachuca City because we must also be good stewards for ourselves and our neighbors.

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A: Approximately 43% comes from state, 9% comes from Federal and 48% comes from city property taxes. So, in part the city funds the local schools. Regarding funding priorities, the school board recent