Q: What are your views & ideas regarding the transient & homeless population?

A: One of my main issues is with the homeless and the mentally challenged people in our community. First, I don't believe in the bandage approach where we use funding for hotels and temporary support. I would like to provide funding support to Good Neighbor Alliance and anyone else who is willing to offer shelter and assistance and counseling.

We have two categories of homeless. 30% are chronically homeless, most of whom are dealing with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) or with Diagnosed Substance Abuse (DSA). Those with an SMI need care in a mental institution, which I believe every community should have. Those with a DSA should be required to get treatment, along with counseling. 70% of homeless are in a temporary state, and need assistance and counseling to get back on their feet and back into the society.

I believe shelters, like Good Neighbor Alliance and the Bisbee Homeless Shelter are a good start for the community, and expanding their capabilities should be where the city can help. 🤠

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