Q: Where do you stand on government mandates?

A: I do not believe in any mandates for any reason. We are responsible adults and do not need the government dictating the way we should live or act.

I believe the government overreacted to the virus, closed down our country, put many businesses out of business, forced our families members to die in hospitals and care centers without the comfort of their families around them, dictating a medical regimen for the virus that was ineffectual (certainly not as good as others more available and cheaper,) and paid hospitals exorbitant amounts of money for every COVID patient and more for every COVID-related death.

When you do a little research outside of the mainstream media and Google, you will discover many doctors who are now speaking out about the government's response. 🤠

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A: The city council including the position as Mayor is non-partisan. However, to provide clarity about who I am & how I think, I'm a Constitutional Conservative. 🤠