Q: Why did you decide to enter this race and why should WeSERV support your candidacy?

A: I am a citizen, not a politician. I firmly believe in term limits. The founders had it right when they said people should come forward and serve for a time, and then return to their own enterprise. It was never meant to be a full-time job. We have had people in our city government for 12 years and 24 years respectively. I believe in change. I think people can be enthusiastic and have some impact on an operation, but staying in government, one gets complacent and caught up with the position and the prestige, the power, and the privileges.

I have served this community in numerous volunteer positions for 30 years. I see this as another opportunity to serve and perhaps facilitate positive change.

I will assess every tax dollar spent as it belongs to the community, not the government. For example, if I have to travel as the mayor, I WILL NOT fly first class or stay in the most expensive hotels.

Because I believe in reducing homelessness, I am donating my salary as Mayor to the homeless shelters in our community, putting my money where my mouth is.

That is who I am, a conservative, a constitutionalist, a Christian, a married man (55 years,) a father and a friend. "There are no strangers in the world, just new friends."

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A: The city council including the position as Mayor is non-partisan. However, to provide clarity about who I am & how I think, I'm a Constitutional Conservative. 🤠